August 6, 2015

LE TOTE: Netflix for Clothing

le tote

Price: $49/month. $5/month insurance recommended. Free shipping both ways.

The Deal: After a style quiz, browse through Le Tote's catalog and collections to put items in your "closet" (basically your wish list). Every tote comes with two accessories and three clothing items chosen either from your closet or based on your style quiz. Keep them for as long as you like before you return them, or buy the pieces you love. Unlimited totes per month.

Review: Le Tote is basically the clothing and accessories version of Rocks Box–which, as you all know, I love. So far I think it's a pretty good deal. You get a lot of stuff for $50 a month, and you don't have to buy anything, so it's a great chance to try out new trends without cluttering up your closet.

Another thing I really like that's unique to Le Tote is that they let you review all the items in your tote *before* they mail it. You can then switch out pieces you don't want for something else. Love this feature! The only piece of clothing I really like in this tote is the one I decided to switch for.

Also, you don't even have to clean your clothes at all–they do it when you send them back. Basically you can order a weekly wardrobe and send it back without ever having to do laundry! (Note to self: Attempt to see if this actually works.)

Coupon: Use the link above to get $25 off your first month at Le Tote.

Notes: Portions of this post originally appeared on Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Books. The link above is a referral link. The author will receive a $15 in-store Le Tote credit if you sign up using the above link.

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