July 27, 2015

BULU BOX: Health Nut Gear

bulu box


Price: $9.17-10/month, free shipping

The Deal: Receive curated samples of exclusive health supplements based on your personal profile, then buy the ones you love in full-size.

Review: Much better than expected! As with Bark Box, Bulu Box is impressively themed, and you get a lot of value for your ten bucks. And like Ipsy, Bulu Box is the type of service where if you don't like one or two items it's okay, because the rest of the stuff is probably worth the price of the box on its own. You don't just get health supplements, either, but a card tracking your wellness and health tips from experts.

If you love GNC, this is the box service for you.

Notes: Portions of this post originally appeared in "Unboxing Subscription Boxes" in the April 2015 edition of The Pueblo PULP. The author received this box for review purposes.

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