July 29, 2015

NATURE BOX: Healthy Snacks

Naturebox Month 1
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Price: $16.95-19.95/month, free shipping

The Deal: Choose up to five unique, healthy snacks to be sent to your home or office every month.

Bonus: For every box sent, Nature Box donates one meal to Feeding America.

Review: Nature Box offers a TON of very unique snacks you can't get anywhere else, like JalapeƱo White Cheddar Popcorn, Guacamole Bites, Flat Fortune Cookies, and Santa Fe Corn Stix. You can also find more typical snacks, such as pretzels, chips, and cookies, but without hydrogenated oils or artificial colors and sweeteners. Every bag has enough to share, and while not every snack is a hit, it's fun to try some of the stranger ones.

If you like trying new snacks and have a bunch of people to share them with, this is definitely the snack box for you.

Notes: Portions of this post originally appeared in "Unboxing Subscription Boxes" in the April 2015 edition of The Pueblo PULP. The author was sent this box for review purposes.

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