July 15, 2015

LOOT CRATE: Gamer and Geek Box

loot crate


Price: $11.95-13.95, plus $6 shipping

The Deal: Every month you get a "comic con in a box," with themed boxes geared toward gamers and pop culture geeks. Social media is designed to build a sense of community between Loot Crate's 10k+ subscriber base.

Review: I am completely and absolutely in love with this box. First of all, the box itself unfolded into a game board!!!11!! Genius, I tells ye. And the game (all pieces were included) was actually fun. Secondly, the box included several items that were worth the whole price of the box by themselves. Loot Crate provides their subscribers with exclusive card games, an exclusive die set, and an exclusive MMORPG that you can play online. A magazine containing articles, information on all the items in the Loot Crate box, and LC's exclusive comic series is included. This subscription box is soooooo worth it. Highly recommended.

Notes: Portions of this post originally appeared in "Unboxing Subscription Boxes" in the April 2015 edition of The Pueblo PULP. The author received this box for review purposes.

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